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Proudly supporting David Suzuki foundation,dedicated to protect the environment, through 100% of proceeds silent auction and fundraising


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Eco Health Show and Exhibition
Exhibit rates and selection

Second Annual Home, Health, Nutrition & Beauty show Exhibitor & Sponsorship Application- April 27 2014- LEO & SALA GOLDHAR CONFERENCE CENTRE9600 Bathurst Street, Vaughan, ON  L6A 3Z8

As a result of our loyal and consistent audience, an expanding membership base, repeat exhibitors and industry professional guest speakers, we are pleased to invite you to attend our second annual Home, Health, Nutrition and Beauty show organized by Simply Green Unique Events.

Like all of our previous charitable events, this event is in support of the
David Suzuki Foundation who are dedicated to conserve our environment and find solutions that will create a sustainable Canada through science-based research, education and policy work.

This show promotes healthy and vital living and is an excellent way to build community knowledge of products and services, develop new customer relationships and strengthen existing ones. A great opportunity for new and local businesses to introduce their products or services to the community market which also create a platform for industry professionals and business owners to network and exchange Ideas.

Thank you to all of our sponsors who play a big part in making our shows possible every year.

  • Health professionals and upper middle class consumers over a broad age spectrum forming a sophisticated and educated audience, willing to purchases and try new items
  • Health and Beauty Seminars
  • Fun and Healthy demos and sessions
  • On site Medias
  • Many healthy give away advises and items
  • Eco-green sustainable products and services
  • Area of refreshment and relaxation
  • Convenient location
  • Complimentary parking
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • And many more…
Standard Marketing and Advertising
  • Ads or Feature Articles in Community Newspapers, Health Magazines
  • Television, radio Interviews
  • Extended in print and online advertising campaign


Sunday, April 27th, 2014 – 1pm-7 pm
Exhibitors must have their booths completely set up & merchandised by
1:00 pm on Sunday April 27th, 2014, before the show opens.
All exhibitors must be pre-registered under the exhibiting company name
(up to a maximum number of 4 representatives or arranged with organizer eg. extra charges.)


Show Opening(Zumba Dance) and attendee reception
11:00 am-12.30 pm

1:00 pm

Main Hall
1st seminar(Reversing Diabetes-By Dr. Taebi)
1:30 pm-1:50 pm

Show and sale/Yoga sessions provided by Moksha Yoga Thornhill
1:50 pm-2:20 pm
Main Hall/ C-D
Fun Zumba dance sessions by Lily & Ron
2:20 pm-2:40 pm
Main Hall
Show and sale/Yoga sessions provided by Moksha Yoga Thornhill
2:40 pm- 3:15 pm
Main Hall/ C-D
2nd seminar(Cancer Causes and Risk Factors -ByMorwenna Given)
3:15 pm-3:30 pm
Show and sale/Yoga sessions provided by Moksha Yoga Thornhill
3:30 pm-4:00 pm
Main Hall/ C-D
3rd seminar(The Art of Aging- By Dr. Taebi)

Show and sale/Deep Dive seminar by Shaped Within
4:00 pm- 4:20 pm

4:30 pm- 4:50 pm

 Main Hall/ C-D
Demo session by EmpowerThyself

LED Lighting Presentation by Lumesmart
Closing (Zumba Dance)
5:00pm -5:20 pm

5:30 pm-5:50 pm

6:30 pm


 Main Hall

Exhibit rates and selection
  Please note that limited spaces are available. Booth selection will be prioritized in the order in which exhibitor contracts and payment are received(upon approval
).We recommend committing as an exhibitor soon as possible.  Applications will be accepted on a space available basis

Space Size
Special Promotion prices (*Contribution to DSF*)+13% HST
Regular price +13% HST
Table size
7’ x 5’ W/O P
6 Ft draped table
8’ x 8’ W/O P

6 Ft draped table
8’ x 10’ W/P

8 Ft draped table

Regular-10’ x 10’ W/P




8 Ft draped table
Corner-10’ x 10’ W/P



8Ft draped table

Table linens are provided in white color. 2 banquet chairs per table/exhibitor

First booth representative(All correspondence will be issued to this individual.)  Please print or type.

Company: (Please indicate how you would like your booth sign to be read)
Mailing Address:
Web Site:
# Of Badges required (up to 4 Representative-extra $25 applies for each additional representative)
Please Choose your method of paymnet
Online via PayPal
Credit card - Over the Phone 647-787-6257
e-Transfer to
Credit card - Online form
Certified Cheque or money order-to mailing address
Submitting payment with online form -Credit Card Info #:
Name of cardholder:
Amount: $
Exp Date:
I have read and agreed to the Conditions of Contract appearing on the following page of this Contract. Name/Title
Special Promotion prices (*Contribution to DSF*) To donate a product or service for the silent auction or raffle (100% of the proceeds will be in support of the David Suzuki Foundation. )
Table and chair requirements:
Please list the products or services to be displayed: Only products listed below will be allowed in your booth (including Booth Prize description if any)
Sponsorship level(If Applicable)
We agree to pay Simply Green Unique Events Inc for said Total amount in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined herein, and this constitutes a valid and binding contract between Simply Green Unique Events Inc and us.   CANCELLATION: In the unfortunate event that your company must cancel its participation, a 50% refund will be returned if written notice is received by December 16th 2013. There will be no refunds after this date. 

Special Promotion prices (*Contribution to DSF*)+13% HST

Regular price +13% HST

Levels & Benefits for Sponsorship (Optional)

Bronze Sponsorship Package - $300:  

  • 7’x5’ W/OP Complimentary Booth Space
  • Receive Sponsor badge at the event     
  • Signage/logo provided on-site for event      
  • Business name and logo in Show Program

Silver Sponsorship Package - $500:

  • 8’x8’ W/OP Complimentary Booth Space      
  • Receive Sponsor badge at the event       
  • Signage/logo provided on-site for event       
  • Listed as a Sponsor on all web based promotional and advertising materials    
  • Business name and logo in Show Program

Gold Sponsorship Package -$750:

  • 8’x10’ W/P Complimentary Booth Space
  • Receive Sponsor badge at the event    
  • Signage/logo provided on-site for event
  • Listed as a Sponsor on all print materials and web based promotional or advertising materials · 
  • Business name and logo in Show Program
  • Business name and logo in some of next year’s promotional materials

Platinum Sponsorship Package -$1,000:

  • 10’x10’ Complimentary Booth Space
  • Choice of prime vacant booth location on show floor ·   
  • Receive Sponsor badge at the event     
  • Signage/logo provided on-site for event   
  • Listed as a Sponsor on all print materials and web based promotional or advertising materials
  • Business name and logo in Show Program
  • Business name and logo in some of next year’s promotional materials   
  • Company promotional or informational materials placed in attendee bags
  • Sponsorship valid for next season/year show(Fall 2014 or spring 2015)

Diamond Sponsorship Package -$2,000+

  • Corner/10’x10’ Complimentary Booth Space
  • First choice of booth location on show floor.
  • Receive Sponsor badge at the event
  • Signage/logo provided on-site for event
  • Listed as a Sponsor on all print materials and web based promotional or advertising materials   
  • Business name and logo in Show Program      
  • Business name and logo in some of next year’s promotional materials
  • Company promotional or informational materials placed in attendee bags    
  • Attendee bags printed with company name and/or logo
  • Verbal recognition of sponsorship level during the event 
  • Radio and TV advertisement (to be determined)
  • Sponsorship valid for next season/year show(Fall 2014 or spring 2015)


Levels for Sponsorship

1. Exhibitor agrees to display only products that are outlined on the front of this contract.
2. Exhibitor agrees that no product will be exhibited, parked or stored except in exhibit space contracted and paid for.
3. Subletting of space is absolutely prohibited. Two or more firms may not exhibit in a single space unless approved by show Organizers.
4. No nails or screws may be driven into the floor of the Show building.
5. No damage of any nature may be done to the booth structures or any part of the building. Exhibitors will be held responsible for damages.
6. All aisles must be clear of exhibits, interviews, demonstrations and distribution of literature. No canvassing, solicitation of business or conference in the interest of business except by exhibiting firms is allowed.
7. Fireplaces and candles can be on display but cannot be lit this section will be enforced for fire prevention.
8. All rules, regulations and codes pertaining to Public Buildings, Liquor Health, Fire, City Ordinates, Safety and Electrical, both provincial and municipal, must be adhered to.
9. Use of audiovisual equipment will be permitted where appropriate to the display, provided sound is maintained at not more than “conversation” level.
10. The Show Organizers reserve the right to restrict exhibitor’s use of sound and other devises which may interfere with the best interest of the show.
11. It is the responsibility of the sponsor/exhibitor to contact the winner of the booth prize and coordinate prize pick-up

SHOW HOURS Sunday, April 27th, 2014 – 1pm-7 pm

All exhibitors must be pre-registered under the exhibiting company name (up to a maximum number of 4) or arranged with organizer eg.extra charges.  


The move-in day is Sunday, April 27th, 2014. A schedule for exhibitor move-in traffic in and out is essential. Should you require shipping of materials prior to Sunday, April 27th, handling changes may be applicable based on the Venue’s policies and procedures and must be pre-approved by the venue management. If you require tables in addition to what is provided with the booth package, a fee of $25 will be applicable based on the number of tables you require. Should you require additional power requirements beyond 15 amps/standard power provided, you will be required to provide payment for additional usage. (TBD) 



Move-out will not begin prior to 7:00pm on Sunday, April 27th, 2014.The Organizer has attempted to accommodate as many people as possible with this schedule and all exhibitors will be expected to abide by it. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange for the dismantling and removal of all display materials and equipment. Exhibitors failing to remove all display materials on April 27th before midnight will be charged for labour and disposal costs or any other additional costs that may apply by the venue. Exhibitors are responsible to pack all outgoing shipments to the point where they can be shipped. The venue and the organizer are not responsible for loss or damages to any samples, displays, properties, or personal effects brought to the  Show for the purposes of the function, except where is directly responsible.


RISKS:All property used or exhibited is at the sole risk of the Exhibitor, and the Licensor will not assume any responsibility for the safety of exhibits against theft, robbery, fire, accidents or for any matter or thing whatsoever, or for bodily injury or damage to property or persons caused by the operations of the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor understands and agrees that the Licensor shall assume no responsibility for representations or warranties given by the Exhibitor to the public in regard to its products or services or for transactions or contracts between the Exhibitor and the public, or for any losses or damages arising there from. It is understood and agreed by the Exhibitor that the Show Organizers may cancel the Show, or this contract, if in the opinion of the Show Organizers that the Show would be impractical and/ or inadvisable. INSURANCE: The Exhibitor shall hold the Licensor harmless from any damage, expense or liability, to or in respect to any person, arising out of the Exhibitor’s occupancy of the said licensed space or anything or matter connected with occupancy or the activities of the Exhibitor, its servants, agents or employees in conjunction therewith, whether or not such activities shall occur in the licensed space, the building or elsewhere. The exhibitor agrees to should the show be cancelled, the organizing committee cannot be held liable for losses or damage to the exhibitor’s goods if this cancellation results from a natural disaster, an explosion, an act of terrorism, or any other cause beyond the committee’s control. Send a certificate of insurance as additionally insured prior to the show.  


All exhibits must remain intact until the close of the show. Exhibitors shall maintain a responsible individual or individuals in the leased space at all times during the Show, and ensure that they are familiar with the rules and regulations of the Show. The Show Organizers retain the right to restrict, exclude or evict Exhibitors or Exhibits, which, because of their method of operation, become objectionable or in the opinion of the Show Organizers detract from the general character of the Show. This includes person, things, printed matter or anything else the Show Organizers judge to be objectionable. In the event that the above mentioned becomes necessary, the Organizers may retain the rent paid as liquidated damages for breach of this agreement. The exhibitors agree to use the rented space for their own purposes, to sell their goods or promote their services exclusively. The exhibitor may NOT share the assigned space in part or in whole with another company.  

Racks and display shelves must not exceed your 8ft back wall or your 4ft sidewalls. Exhibitors are required to exercise care so that their displays do not unduly obstruct visibility of adjacent displays. At least 50% of the total area between adjacent exhibits must allow for eye level visibility. Any exhibits with larger exhibits must get approval to extend over the height limitations from the Show Organizers.  


Suspended signs will not be allowed in the Show building. Signs must not exceed the eight foot height restriction mad may not be attached to, or painted on, equipment and machinery above that height. If your display is prefabricated and exceeds the height restriction, please advise Show Organizers so special location can be arranged.   

Location preferences and requests for Hydro are reviewed in order of application submission. The Event reserves the right to relocate or alter booth location at any time. The organizer reserves the right to change the number of booths and the layout prior to the event. Every effort will be made to keep the same location of the vendor booths assigned.  

Any hydro requirements must be confirmed in advance as supply is limited and may determine your location. It is the responsibility of the Sponsor or Exhibitor to ensure items requiring access to power meet CSA or ESA standards.    


The Show Organizers shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all Rules and Regulations and the power to make such amendments and additional rules and regulations as considered necessary for the proper conduct of the Exhibition.